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Founded by professionals with decades of industry experience, YES revolutionises eLearning development through a cost-effective blend of on-demand support, flexibility, and a commitment to long-term client partnerships.

Introducing YES

A team that's genuinely committed to delivering value for your organisation.

After working in digital learning for over 15 years, founders Christian and Isobel knew there had to be a better way for organisations to build and deliver great eLearning. They saw in-house training teams struggling to balance tight budgets with fluctuating demand for online training development. And time and again, they witnessed traditional eLearning development agencies delivering poor quality for a premium cost.

Drawing on their years of experience and expertise, Christian and Isobel landed on a solution to overcome so many of the challenges they observed. Your eLearning Support was conceived to deliver all the benefits of hiring in-house, with the flexibility of engaging an eLearning vendor. We want working with YES to feel like you’re growing your in-house team, but without the cost and commitment of actually growing your in-house team.

Work with professional who are genuinely committed to getting to know your organisation, it’s goals and unique needs. Get the very best talent, when you need it, for however long you need it. Partner with an organisation that seeks long term client relationships, and the happiest of clients.

Our Key Principles

Find and keep the best people

At YES, we work hard to ensure we find the most creative, committed, and passionate people to join our team. And then we work even harder to make sure they stick around. When you partner with us, you can expect to work with the same people year after year.

Stay lean

Keeping our overheads low is key to making YES an affordable option for our clients. We offer hybrid office-remote working, with most of our team working remotely, most of the time. It’s better for our budget, and yours. We also keep our team as small as possible without compromising our service. No bloated marketing or sales divisions – we think YES sells itself!

Continuous improvement

Performance improvement is our business, so we’d be crazy not to make it a core principle of our organisation! We seek feedback from our partners and regularly review our processes to learn how we can do things better.

Look forward

Our industry is growing exponentially. Investing in our people to help them improve and upskill is key to our long term strategy. We’re excited about the possibilities new technologies hold, and we look forward to supporting our clients in meeting the new and exciting challenges that lay ahead for us all.

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