Our Development Framework

At YES, we focus on turning your educational ideas into engaging eLearning solutions, guided by two best practice frameworks: ADDIE and SAM. We expertly choose between ADDIE’s meticulous, systematic approach and SAM’s dynamic, iterative style to meet your eLearning objectives effectively.

Addie Model

Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation

The ADDIE model is a systematic and traditional approach to instructional design. This model is sequential and linear, making it especially suitable for projects where clarity of structure and thorough analysis are paramount.


We start by identifying the learning problem, the audience's needs, and the learning objectives. This phase ensures that the course is tailored to the learners' requirements.


In this phase, we create the learning objectives, choose the content, and determine the assessment strategies. This step involves detailed storyboarding and content outlining.


Here, we develop the actual course materials. This includes creating multimedia elements, interactive components, and ensuring that the content aligns with the learning objectives.


The course is delivered to the audience. This could be through a Learning Management System (LMS), webinars, or other digital formats.


Finally, the course's effectiveness is assessed through feedback from learners and measuring the learning outcomes.

Why use ADDIE?

Structured Approach

Provides a clear, step-by-step process that ensures comprehensive course development.

High Quality

Due to its thorough nature, courses developed under the ADDIE model are often of high quality and effectiveness.


While linear, each phase can be revisited to refine and improve the course material.

SAM Model

Successive Approximation Model

The SAM model, in contrast to ADDIE, is an iterative, agile process. It is particularly beneficial for projects requiring rapid development and where flexibility and adaptability are key.


Similar to the Analysis phase in ADDIE, this involves understanding the learning requirements and objectives.

Iterative Design and Development

Unlike ADDIE, SAM combines the design and development phases. Prototypes are rapidly created and reviewed in cycles, allowing for continuous improvements and immediate feedback.

Implementation and Evaluation

These phases are similar to ADDIE but are often revisited multiple times as part of the iterative process.

Why use SAM?

Rapid Development

Allows for quicker delivery of the final product, essential in fast-paced environments.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Iterative cycles enable changes and refinements throughout the development process.

Immediate Feedback Integration

Stakeholders and learners can provide input during development, ensuring the end product closely aligns with their expectations.

Who We Are

Expertly blending ADDIE & SAM for your unique needs

We understand that each project has unique demands and constraints. Whether it’s the structured and comprehensive approach of ADDIE or the agile and flexible nature of SAM, our team is skilled in employing the right framework to deliver impactful and engaging eLearning experiences. Let us help you transform your instructional content into a dynamic and effective learning journey.

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